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Delivery across Canada 12$ / free 120$ +
United-States 20$ CAD / 8$ with 120$ +


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Breeding Information

We are an ethical breeder since 2019 specializing in pure Winter White dwarf hamsters. We are the only breeder in Canada to have non-hybrid Winter White hamsters that comes from Europe!

Our values: put the animal welfare first while prioritizing the health, behaviour and morphology of our breeders.

Our mission: offers quality, healthy, natural products suitable for small rodents. Offer unique varieties of products that are hard to find in Quebec, encouraging local. Provide fast and impeccable customer service based on trust.

Our ethic: offer an alternative to pet stores. Allow you to acquire a quality animal with known genetics and background. Breed quality hamsters before quantity. This is why the sale of accessories helps us to cover our breeding costs.

Ethical hamsters breeder and online shop

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