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About us

Hi you, who have found my site!

My name is Megan and I am full time student. What drives me? My hamsters passion! Without that I would not be able to past several hours every night taking care of my hamsters. The satisfaction of improving the species in Quebec is my only pay and that's enough for me.

When I was little, I knew that I wanted animals. One day, my cousin got a syrian hamster named Curious. I was playing with her each week! When she passed away, I decided to adopte my own hamsters. At that time, I didn't know hamster breeder existed so I did the same mistake as several hamster owners... I adopted two hamsters who had the same sexe according to the petstore.

Two weeks later a litter was born including Loup (Wolf) a Syrian hamster silver yellow black. 

Loup was my first hamster born at home as a particular in 2013. This is why my hamstery is called Loup, to paid him an hommage.

I had few other litters only for my pleasure (note that I don't encourage this kind of behavior). Whent Loup and his descendants pasted away, I realised that there wasn't other option then the petstore to adopt. I begun my hamstery in 2019 and created my facebook page in 2020. I met other breeders who really helped me with complex syrian hamster genetic. In 2022, I created a Instagram and Tiktok acount for the hamstery. In 2023, I launched my youtube channel and online store. 

After one year break, I received the first pure winter white (non hybrid) dwraf hamsters in Canada. I stoped breeding syrian hamsters in late 2023 to concentrate my energy in dwarf hamsters only. I always have news ambitions for the futur of my hamstery. Follow me in this adventure!



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